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Weather & Time
Day 12, Month 2, Year 1!
The storm has stopped, heading east. It's still extremely wet, droplets falling from objects. The grey clouds have completely vanished and the sun is warming up the world once more.
16:57 am, 7th of July, Summer/Spring in Canada/RP
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Adventure Shop

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Adventure Shop

Post by Aurora on Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:21 am

Adventure Stop Shop

Adventures are apart of the pack and hobbies, you can take adventures when they pop up or look for one in the adventure shop. You can earn awesome prizes but it's a bit of a gamble because there isn't always prizes plus there can be traps; AKA you could die from taking them.
You can take others with you, it's good to have a Warrior and Shaman along for the trip.


Your first adventure in Lone Oak Tunnel || 10 Blood Drops
Graveyard Tumble || 20 Blood Drops
Lost Tomb || 30 Blood Drops


Temple of Time || 44 Blood Drops
Temple of Dreams || 44 Blood Drops
Mountain of Spirits || 47 Blood Drops
Tunnel of Doom || 47 Blood Drops

Skilled Adventurer

Dragon's Lair || 50 Blood Drops
Griffin's Perch || 50 Blood Drops
Tomb of Legends || 55 Blood Drops
New Land Legends || 55 Blood Drops

To Order
{Which Adventure} || {Price} || {Name}

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