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Vertrou the Trusted Empty Vertrou the Trusted

Post by Vertrou on Sat Jun 22, 2013 11:23 am

Vertrou the Trusted Create.php?text=Vertrou&name=HomemadeApple
Vertrou the Trusted Vertro10
Nickname: Ver, Verty, Trou, T

Gender: Male

Species: Grey wolf however date back far enough, you can find Arctic Wolf blood in his line.

Rank: Unranked for now. Wishes to be fisher.

Pack: Distant Blood Pack

Vertrou the Trusted Tumblr_mb9z3eXw091rvqt9bo1_500

Vertrou the Trusted Create.php?text=Beneath&name=HomemadeApple

Build: Vertrou is at the average hight for an adult male wolf. He is not incredibly muscular however he is powerful enough to take down a grown bull elk. His mouth is long which makes it easy to search for fish in the water and his teeth are long and very sharp.

Fur Texture And Colour: The soft mixtures of greys and whites give Vertrou that distinctive look. His fur may not be the softest and is found to be a little rough which is good for cold weather. He always has a thick coat whether it is winter or summer. This allows him to easily keep his skin dry while swimming.

Eye Color: His eyes are a mixture of blue and green however are very light so the colours are hard to pick up on and can sometimes look grey.

Markings: No Markings [Unless coat pattern counts]

Scars: Vertrou doesn't enjoy fights and tends to shy away if there were one. Therefore, he has no 'battle scars' or even any from his journeys.

Age: 2 and one half

Vertrou the Trusted Tumblr_mlvfrtv74s1s9wgpdo1_500

Vertrou the Trusted Create.php?text=Soul&name=HomemadeApple

Personality: Vertrou is very shy towards newcomers. He prefers to be left to his own device rather than to socialise with 'newbies'. When someone has warmed up to him, it is hard not to hold a conversation though.

History: Vertrou was born in a large pack. It was known as one of the strongest around. The season of pups was late and it was bad. From the 3 litters, 9 pups out of 12 died. The only survivors came from Vertrou's mother Myne and a wolf from her previous litter, Bly. The 3 remaining pups were named Sterk [Meaning Strong], Lojale [Meaning Loyal], and Vertrou [Meaning Truested]. After a long 3 months struggle to get the pups strong enough to leave the den; Vertrou and his blood brother Sterk -along with his 'sister' Lojale- were taught many things about the pack and how it lived. They ways of the wolves, how they hunted, ran and every packs name and amount of wolves beyond their own territory. Vertrou found learning about the packs and other wolves interesting, however he was never fond of going hunting for large elk. He would prefer to stick to the ponds nearby and catch small fish and frogs or rodents.

 After his first winter, Vertrou went on his first pack hunt with Sterk and Lojale. As apart of the pack rules, it is destined that the younglings must prove themselves that they are capable of catching a meal. The three went out to capture an elk, however the herd was out of the packs territory and so they traveled out of the boundaries in search of such elk. While Vertrou, Lojale and Sterk tracked and hunted; the pack was quietly ambushed by another pack who had managed to gain other wolves from other packs to join their own. Vertrou's pack was attacked and forced to leave the territory, and when he returned with some meat from the elk, he was disgusted and terrified when he had noticed that his mother, father and half of the pack had bean slaughtered by this new 'Mad Pack'. Lojale and Vertrou turned and ran away from this pack however Sterk ran and fought against them, loosing his life defending the territory that was once blissfully theirs.
 Two months had passed since the loss of his family and territory. Lojale and Vertrou had searched far and wide for signs of the pack members however there were no signs of any of them. Not even a scent. Vertrou and Lojale had become better friends during their journey. Even though their conversations were short -Mainly because they were so distorted by the loss of their family- they managed to accompany each other without going crazy over food. They seemed to enjoy being near by another wolf. Vertrou would never stray far from Lojale and she would never be far him. They held onto each others sanity. Knowing they could only trust each other. Knowing that they were blood.
 As Summer settled in, the bush fires took place. There had been 3 fires nearby Vertrou and his family companion during this season. They were well aware to steer clear the fire however one horrible coming came as to by a river. As the two lapped the cool water, fire struck out from nowhere. The two had to run as fast as they could to be able to stay clear of the red flames. Vertrou had over taken Lojale and had ran past a large leaning tree. He had ran, ignoring the flames, ignoring the ashes, ignoring the smoke, ignoring the screams. The screams? Vertrou had stopped. He turned left and right and then left again. Lojale? There was no silky white she-wolf beside him. He could hear her calls for his name. He could hear her cries for him. But he could not see. Where was her shadow? Where was her deep brown eyes that had always stared him down in the night sky? Where was her screams now? The area fell silent and only the fire and crunching leaves were heard. There was no Lojale. There was no white fur. There was no brown eyes. Vertrou ran.

Strengths: Vertrou is a strong swimmer. He is able to swim long distances without stopping. He is also light on his feet which enables it easier for him to step lightly in water. His teeth are quite large for a wolf which allow him to easily penetrate his prey.

Weaknesses: Though he is quiet and light-footed, he finds it a little harder to capture a land animal than an aquatic. He is also very tender about his past. He prefers to keep quiet and will only share certain things rather than every distinct thing about his history.

Vertrou the Trusted Tumblr_lvllhoPF381qkokrho1_500
                       Vertrou the Trusted Create.php?text=Skills&name=HomemadeApple
Strength: 40

Vertrou the Trusted Tumblr_lt7titWdf61r2fs0co1_500

Start where you are. Use what you have.  Do what you can. –Arthur Ashe

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Vertrou the Trusted Empty Re: Vertrou the Trusted

Post by Aurora on Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:09 am


The history made me cry. Shocked

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"When I run through the deep dark forest long after this begun
Where the sun would set, trees were dead and the rivers were none
And I hope for a trace to lead me back home from this place
But there was no sound, there was only me and my disgrace"


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Vertrou the Trusted Empty Re: Vertrou the Trusted

Post by Vertrou on Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:51 am

haha, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Very Happy

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'Never stop, even when there is nothing left.' -Vertrou

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Vertrou the Trusted Empty Re: Vertrou the Trusted

Post by Ember on Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:25 pm

The history was very tramatic. Welcome, Vertrou!

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Vertrou the Trusted Empty Re: Vertrou the Trusted

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