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16:57 am, 7th of July, Summer/Spring in Canada/RP
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Post by Chaos on Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:36 am

-Chaos The Arcane- Aynu_i10

Name: Chaos
Gender: Male
Species: Mostly red wolf, although from my mothers side I have Tundra and Arctic wolf as well.
Rank: Desires to be a Warrior
Pack: Distant Bloods

-Chaos The Arcane- Wolf_r10

Build: His frame is slightly muscular, and his stature quite regal. He's larger than the average male, mostly because of his long legs. He has broad powerful paws. His tail is long and somewhat fluffy.
Fur Texture: His fur appears short and wirey, but is actually soft to the touch.
Fur Color: Chaos' pelt has a black pepper pin stripe down his spine. His ear tips and tail tip are pure onyx black. While his long legs, muzzle, tail, and rib cage are a dark red tinted rusty copper shade. And last of all, his under belly is a light creamy honey.
Eye Color: His eyes are a deep striking emerald with flecks of light honey.
Markings: N/A
Scars: Chaos has many scars from his past, the only visible one is a large slash across his chest. The scar grows white on his honey shaded chest.

-Chaos The Arcane- Europe10
Whats locked up

Personality: Chaos has a soft spot for pups and young wolves, although he has lost his instinct to trust after his pack turned on each other. He became courageous, and enigmatic. But once he warms up and is no longer on end he is very nice and somewhat charming.
History: Chaos was born into a highly harmonized and respected pack created by Chaos' parents. Leading their pack with brave souls, wisdom filled minds, and love filled hearts. They birthed their first litter, containing Chaos and a younger brute, Diesel. He had many siblings, timber shaded twins, one male and one female. Talon and Aspyn, a swell duo, sticking together through all. Last but not least, his youngest siblings and next litter. Two females and a male; Ominous, Echo, and Apache.
    As Chaos watched them grow, He focused on his hopeful future rank in his large pack. A Guardian; which is a skill-full protector staying close to the den, protecting the young and only traveling off when the Superior (Alpha), or Beta commanded they escort a group somewhere else. His training was brutal, obtaining much pain throughout it all. "You'll never have your father's strength." his trainer had thee audacity to snarl at him, Chaos looked past the comment and fought hard to gain his rank he highly desired. Dusk fell, it was bleak and rainy, Chaos was training as always, and the trainer still spitting insults. Chaos fell into the mud, the trainer laughed at his fall, his large frame quivered in the harsh collapse. Soon Chaos' receptors darted up in alert, he heard other wolves were coming. He pounced up into a full sprint to the den site, Growling and snarling, and stood there with his reddish-copper tinted pelt on end as it dripped muddy water. He braced his large frame, optics filled with fierce power, soon a fleet of dire wolves appeared. An unknown pack, for even his pack Scouts and Sentinels had not known who they where. Their maws hung open as drool dripped as they growled. Chaos stood his ground, between the wolves and young in his pack. They stalked closer then snapped, attacking as the braced brute let loose a yelp. Chaos didn't fight for his life, he fought for the pups' lives. He never gave up, he proved his trainer wrong, killing many of the attackers as other Guardians joined the raging rally. Crimson leaked from his chest, which emerged into a lasting scar. After the attack ended, few members of his pack were lost; it took six months to regain somewhat average pack life. 
    As the pack slowly forgot the horrid attack, things were better once more. It was a cool crisp autumn afternoon as he was wandering about the den, his young siblings galloped along the river bed. His youngest brother, Apache, slipped and lost his footing. Falling into a rapid filled river, their father pulled his frame up and jumped into the river after him. The pack scrambled, Chaos and his siblings crouched awaiting for their brother or father to come up. Neither a paw nor tail tip emerged, their mothers vivid light blue eyes turned to a dull gray as she stared at the swift water. Much time past before they stopped waiting, accepting the horrid fate. His mother stayed in the den after that, withering away, no longer eating. The pack broke out into chaos. The male Beta attempted to move to Superior, the pack however would not follow. Others believed they've risked enough to be claimed leader. Chaos and his Brother Diesel fought off pack members attempting to kill their former leaders offspring. Soon the dame leader passed on. Only bringing a bigger catastrophe, all wolves now, not just males were fighting. Tearing each other apart trying to dominate the once harmonized pack. Diesel soon turned on Chaos, they fought often. Chaos risking his life each passing day to feed himself and his young siblings. His youngest sister left weeks later, at the age of six months, he feared for her life but could not stop her for he had the others to care for. His pack members died off, only few remained. He protected his siblings for a two full year, for they had no where else to go; the Aura Cascade den was their only home. He feed them, trained then, and cared for them as their parents would have.

    An eerie afternoon emerged one day, as yet another fought broke out, it soon silenced. Chaos glanced frantically as he heard an ear piercing howl. The bloody violent wolves looked up. Seeing a young stunning damsel singing on a cliff high above. Soon one by one they followed the tantalizing tune. The she-wolf struck the pack as their leader. After Chaos stared at her, he noticed something; the wolf the packs soul instinct told them to claim as leader, was his little sister. Echo, now a 2 1/2 year old, howling dominantly over the weak yet ravage pack. Chaos smirked, after a long howl he bowed his head to the fae in a swift nod. Then dashed off, never to be seen by his pack again, trusting his young sister wont allow the pack to fall once more. 
   He wonders often about his members, but has never since returned. He continues to move forward into unknown terrain, hunting and fending for himself. It may be just him now, but he still and always will do it for the pups lives, and not his own. He imagines his mother, father, and Apache, assuming they are now happy the pack has gained peace once more. Chaos now, never looks back, metaphorically and literally; not turning to look in the direction of his former home. Yet he believes he can still hear his sister's tantalizing tune in the ominous forsaken night. His journey seems never ending as he treads on.

He is quite swift and agile, along with his various wisdom he is able to fend very well. If he has something to protect he will never give up, even when he is practically on his death bed.
Although he may be strong and swift, it strains his stamina, it runs low quickly. He is touchy about his past, when others speak ill of how his pack turned ravage and fought one another, he gets defensive and fierce.

-Chaos The Arcane- Handso10


Speed: 40
Wisdom: 35
Stamina: 30

Other(optional):He belives one day he will come across his old oack one day, and is planning for it to be large and powerful as it once was.

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-Chaos The Arcane- Empty Re: -Chaos The Arcane-

Post by Aurora on Sun Jun 30, 2013 3:45 am


I cried in the history. Surprised

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"When I run through the deep dark forest long after this begun
Where the sun would set, trees were dead and the rivers were none
And I hope for a trace to lead me back home from this place
But there was no sound, there was only me and my disgrace"


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Post by Ember on Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:30 pm

The history was wonderful! I loved the drama! Welcome!

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Post by Chaos on Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:21 pm

Why thank you, Ember. And I'm glad to be welcomed.

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