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Weather & Time
Day 12, Month 2, Year 1!
The storm has stopped, heading east. It's still extremely wet, droplets falling from objects. The grey clouds have completely vanished and the sun is warming up the world once more.
16:57 am, 7th of July, Summer/Spring in Canada/RP
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Post by Diesel on Wed Jul 17, 2013 5:31 pm

Common Knowledge
-Diesel The Diverse- 80210_10
Name: Diesel
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Species: Grey wolf, and as far as I'm concerned that's it.
Rank: Hunter, Gaurd, or Scout. Which ever is in need and/or suites me best.
Pack: Distant Bloods

His Facade-Diesel The Diverse- 10685110
Build: Diesel is a bit larger than tha average male, his legs are long and lean. Yet his build is only slightly muscular. Diesel often keeps a regal stature and keeps his head held high. It's not as if he belives he is better, he just carries himself this way because this is how the elder taught him. His muzzle is a bit large as are his ears. His tail is long, the top fur of it is average length, but the under fur is a little longer. He may be muscular but his build is quite lean. Diesel's paws are a bit larger than the average wolf, he believes it's because he was in water often, and wider paws help him swim better.
Fur Texture: You can't quite guess how Diesel's pelt feels, since he is ink black, you have no color to compare to. But once you touch it you realize it is thick; the under coat is very warm and soft, while the out coat is sleek and silky. Keeping him dry in the rainy area he grew up.
Fur Color: Diesel is a moving shadow, pure ebony. No other shade.
Eye Color: His eyes are a light emerald, with small flecks of pale blue-grey; looking almost silver in the light.
Markings: He has none
Scars: None

Through His Eyes
-Diesel The Diverse- Black-10
Age: Three years, fully grown.
Personality: Diesel is a fun loving male, he cares deeply for those who are close to him. He will do all in his power to guaruntee the pack is fed, protected, cared for, and happy. He is quite brave and a loyal soul. Although he is a stickler for a respect, if he notices a wolf disrespecting another he will correct them; whether it be an Alpha, Omega, or Elder. He was rescued and raised by an elder, therefore he enjoys being around them, and pups too, since hes helped save many. He is the strong wise type, the elder taught him therefore he is more calm than jumpy. Diesel is patient and does not force things unless provoked. He willingly opens up to many about much, unless he gets the wrong vibe from you, he will no longer connect with you whatsoever. Diesel is sincere and honest when asked for his opinion, and is also quite charming.
 In Greece there are around 200-300 wolves, all protected from their homes being destroyed and poachers attacking them. The wolves often heard legend of the ancient land. Each knew of all  Gods, Goddesses, titans, and Demi-Gods. As the years past each generation grew to know the myths and tales. Among these few hundred wolves, where around 10 packs. One pack was considered the "Zeus" pack. It was the most fair, powerful, and wise pack. Their leader, Cronus was wise beyond his years. And each wolf knew it, the mating season was coming. His dame, Rhea was almost ready to breed.  Cronus released a thunderous howl, calling all clans to meet. As they arrived, Cronus and Rhea greeted each Alpha. Cronus explained how they cannot survive in this area, soon they will no longer be protected. The food was running low, forest fires sparked, and the packs were growing. "Soon room and food will run out." He spoke loud and clear. Some had no hesitation to follow their
leader to head out of the grounds, others were skeptical. They've lived in these woods and plains all their lives and as did their parents and grandparents. Cronus told his followers he wishes to leave before the mating begins. He wants the pregnant females to birth the new ones in their new land. Around 150 wolves were able to get free. The other half remained. Cronus led them far, through rain, snow, fires, and much more. They reached rural un claimed land. Cronus released a howl, each wolf joined, they were home.
 Rhea birthed 3 pups. One large brute; they named him Diesel, due to his distinctive ebony pelt. And two small females, Aspyn and Equinox. Diesel was a pure shadow, just as his mother. While Aspyn was achromatic and Equinox was a russet and cream mixture. 7 weeks after their birth, a horrible storm struck. The plains and woodland flood, the icy water feet deep. The clans connected dens acted as a drain. Filling with water all the mothers were frantic, snatching up the young so they don't drown. Diesel was frightened, he scattered deep within the caverns. Finding a chamber clear and dry. He waited, the waters kept coming and the lightening still brightening the entry way. The small young candid flattened his ears and placed his tail between his legs. Shaking from cold and fear. Diesel stayed trapped for days, the tunnels water preventing him from escaping. Meanwhile, the pack was traveling to higher grounds. The alphas mourn their young Diesel, believing he is dead. Assuming he drowned, they couldn't find him or catch his scent. They couldn't return, for everything was flooded.
 When the waters lowered, the russet pup tread out. Diesel saw the light from the plains, upon leaving the den he was covered in mud. Soaked, he slowed down, collapsing in the damp grass. His tiny body was weak and skittish. He gave up, no longer fighting for his life. Later that night the pup still lies there, Diesel looked up and saw bright golden eyes shining from the dark brush. The pup whined as he heard the large beast growl, it approached Diesel. Revealing a large Russian Tundra Wolf, the creature looked odd to Diesel, he was used to the common timber wolf. Soon the young male loosened up, the stranger lowered his head to sniff the pup. Diesel pounced up, placing his fore paws on the foreigners muzzle, and licked him. The stranger chuckled and befriended Diesel, noticing how malnourished he was he grasped him in his maw and took him to a large hallowed tree. He fed Diesel and cleaned him, then told him his name, Denali.
 Diesel looked up to the wolf who saved him, he explained how the rain separated him from his family. Denali nodded and understood, that's why the land was never claimed, all dens usually flood. He's rescued countless pups over the years and brought then back to their family. The next few days Denali roamed the flooded land. Searching for his packs scent, yet found nothing. There was never a pack Denali could not find, however it was a if they vanished. Diesel was upset, but he felt a bit better when the elder said he could stay with him. Denali taught Diesel all he could, he was quite old so he was limited. Nonetheless Diesel grew large and wise over a course of two and a half years. Diesel helped Denali rescue countless frightened pup from the rising waters. They've brought each young one back to their pack, which made Diesel wonder what happened to his. But, the shadet he-wolf was happy were he was, along side Denali.
 One day while Diesel was off on a hunt, Denali wandered off. Diesel dragged the caribou calf to the hollowed tree den, but Denali was no where in sight. Diesel was frantic and tracked his scent. He traced it to his old den, deep within the chamber where Diesel stayed to survive, there lies Denali. His breathing slow, no longer moving. Disk nudged him, Denali struggled to speak, he explained it is his time to leave. The spirits were waiting for him, he had faith in the large ebony brute. Denali knew Diesel could fend on his own. The young candid lied beside the elder wolf, placing his head onto Denali's frame. Soon he ceased movement, he was gone. Diesel remained by his side for hours, once he left the chamber, he sat beside the burrow entrance and released a mourning howl. The rain began to fall; Diesel drooped his head, sunk his ears low, and drug his tail on the ground. Leaving the land as the rain flood the old den. Atop a hill he released one last howl into the atmosphere and tread on. He was mobile for around six months, then wandered into bison plains one warm humid day.

-Diesel The Diverse- Tumblr10
Strengths: He's calm and control himself, he doesn't panic or become frantic often. He's poweful, so he's able to protect and/or hunt when needed.
Weaknesses: He's strong, yes, but the muscle takes away from his speed. He can be out run by small swift wolves. If you speak ill of Denali for any what reason, Diesel will defend the brute who rose him. He's touchy about the subject at times.

Strength: 45
Speed: 30
Wisdom: 45
Stamina: 30

Other(optional): Denali and Diesel

-Diesel The Diverse- Tumblr11
-Diesel The Diverse- Black-11

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Post by Aurora on Thu Jul 18, 2013 3:49 am


Welcome to the pack! :3
Love the history!

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Post by Vertrou on Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:50 am

Nice pictures! Welcome to the pack Diesel

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