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Weather & Time
Day 12, Month 2, Year 1!
The storm has stopped, heading east. It's still extremely wet, droplets falling from objects. The grey clouds have completely vanished and the sun is warming up the world once more.
16:57 am, 7th of July, Summer/Spring in Canada/RP
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Codes for 'Pack Contests and Activities'

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Codes for 'Pack Contests and Activities'

Post by Aurora on Thu Jul 18, 2013 6:29 am


Host/Who's leading the hunt:
Who's helping hunt:
How many are hunting:
Hunt's location:
What are you hunting:
Prey's health & skills:
Hunting party's total health & skills:


Who's Fighting:
Fight's location:
Fighters' health & skills:
Why are they fighting:

Having A Pup

How many pups:
Pup's names:
Mother's current location:
Mother's health:
How many pup slots filled:

Becoming Mates/Wedding

Who's becoming mates:
Why are they becoming mates:
Who's hosting the rituall:
Ritual's location:
Will there be a after party if so where:
Who's the VIWs:

Funeral/Paying Respects

Who died:
Why did they die (killing off character, etc.):
How did they die:
Who's hosting the funeral:
Funeral's location:

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