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Weather & Time
Day 12, Month 2, Year 1!
The storm has stopped, heading east. It's still extremely wet, droplets falling from objects. The grey clouds have completely vanished and the sun is warming up the world once more.
16:57 am, 7th of July, Summer/Spring in Canada/RP
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Post by Vertrou on Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:41 am

The Ethereal Pack

Long ago, 4 clans lived in harmony together as one pack. Suddenly, out of nowhere the Fire Clan attacked. They sent fire balls, heat waves and flames into the territories of each clan. Earth clan had managed to block the large and horrific attacks, however, Water and Air clans were not so lucky. Many wolves who had not learned the abilities that their clans provide were unable to make it and were either captured by the fire clan, or killed. Earth Clan wolves have been spread out through the territory and many Fire Clan wolves are still in the area. We can treat sick and injured wolves in Earth clan, and keep Fire Clan wolves away. We must go on quests and journeys to find other stranded wolves whether they are from Water, Air or Earth clan. It is up to us to keep the Ethereal Pack together. Will you join us?


This pack is fantasy/realistic. All wolves in this pack still act like regular wolves, however, ageing is much different [wolves can live up to 25-33 years], colour patterns are different and some wolves are able to learn elements. To learn more please go to the following link: http://the-ethereal-pack.forumotion.com/t8-wolves-in-this-world

Before you do anything, please remember that this pack and all of its ideas were created by JeansHowl. Please do not steal any of the packs ideas. If you wish to use an idea for your pack, please speak to JeansHowl.

Members: 5
Males: 3
Females: 2
Pack Creation Date: 26/6/2013
Quests or Journeys complete: 0
Pack Poem: Contest will be held
Pack Song: Contest will be held
Pack Motto: Contest will be held
Goals Completed: 3

Pack Colours:
Pack Member Forums: Accepting
Pack Friend Forums: Accepting
Pack Ally Forums: Accepting

Newest Member: Rosa (WrHigeFox)
Pack Website: http://the-ethereal-pack.forumotion.com/
ChikkenSmoothie Page: http://www.chickensmoothie.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1871108


About The Ethereal Pack
 Earth Clan The only Survivors
 The Ethereal Pack is a large pack made of 4 clans [Fire, Water, Air and Earth]. Each Clan has one Ethereal Head [Alpha] and there are many different roles. The Ethereal Pack is in a 'new world' called Orbis and every wolf is eligible to learn elements [Fire, Water, Earth or Air]. Fire Clan has attacked the Air and Water Clans and is attempting to take over Earth clan. There are many stranded or injured wolves who need help. Earth clan is the only surviving pack and will take in all wolves and are here to help those who are not so lucky whether they are from Earth clan or not.
 This Pack thrives on helping others. Wolves are able to do quests and journeys in which they can help stranded wolves or collect items for wolves who need them. Wolves are also able to buy items such as jewellery, paints and potions. Each wolf is able to hold up to 15 items at a time and they are also able to resell items to others and discard items.
 Not only does this pack have lots of quests/journeys, items and markets. We also have lots of fun events and there are many games for the pack to play. Members of the pack are also encouraged to help out with events and contests. The pack also has its own money in which members can earn by doing quests, helping others and winning contests!
To learn more, go to the following link and read through some of the forums: http://the-ethereal-pack.forumotion.com/f1-information-and-laws


This pack can only thrive if its laws are taken into consideration. If you are a new member to the pack or just a pack ally, it is best to Read through these Laws and remember to check back here whenever you have a question or thought about posting or sharing something.

Laws of The Ethereal Pack

All pack members are respected equally. Even the lowest members still have dignity, each member is treated with respect no matter what rank they are.
No harassing other players. By that, it means that you will NOT begin bad mouthing other users. There are times when you can be 'mean' to others through role-play, but in NO-WAY are you allowed to personally message someone and harass them about something.
Personal Details are PERSONAL. We don't need to know where you live [country is the only thing acceptable], your name or anything that you wouldn't tell a stranger. If someone asks you too much personal information, tell them it is personal and Contact a Earth Bounder or Ethereal Head.
No SPAM! SPAM stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. If your posts consist of less than 3 sentences [unless it is in the game section] than it is considered SPAM and your message will be deleted within 24 hours unless you update/edit it.
No gore; meaning that if you are attacking an opponent or getting a kill, we don't need to know how much blood was spilt or where all the insides went. Keep it child friendly!!
You're NOT INVINCIBLE! On the site you can see that each member has a Hp Bar. Your Hp lowers in battles with Fire Clan wolves [or animals you have caught in hunts]. If your Hp gets below 10% than you must Flee or use a potion.
You cannot get an element until you have taken the required lessons and training by the Head Lanistae. Once you have gotten that training you can than purchase a Element Stone and take it to a Mystical Pond for your element.
Use proper english and grammar! It is fine if you have made a mistake in you sentence, but you need to show that you are capable of using proper english and grammar so it is easy for others to understand. This is the code you must put in your Forum when joining: Caterpiller
NO complaining. If something doesn't go your way or someone gets something in the shop [that you wanted] and is then sold out, don't start complaining about and saying "she/he took it blah blah blah". Complaining is really annoying and pointless.
NO inappropriate behaviour is allowed on the site or thread!
Have Fun! The only way that this pack will be fun, is if you make it fun. Contribute to games, journeys, challenges and play. Be friendly to members and just enjoy yourself!

More Information
Pack Currency
This pack has its own currency known as Pecuniam (P). Each member begins with 25P and every week, members will gain 5P-15P. Other ways for wolves to gain Pecuniam is by doing quests or journeys. Some quests or journeys give members items as well as Pecuniam. If members want/need more Pecuniam, than they are allowed to resell items (at the least 15% off market price).
Warnings and Bans
All members receive two (2) total warnings before being banned. Members can be banned for a short period of time or forever depending on what they had done and the consequences. Members should all oblige by the rules and if rules do happen to be broken, warnings will be given. Banned members can be banned for days, weeks or months and are posted into the Inferius group as they have shown that they can not follow the rules.
Markets and Items
All members are encouraged to go to markets to buy and resell items. Members are allowed to hold a total of fifteen (15) items at a time. There are ranges of items to buy like paints, jewellery, potions and even some types of clothing (not T-shirts or pants though. Wolves aren't capable of making those!).
Events and Contests
This pack has many events and contests held throughout the year. There is usually at least one contest or event being held a month, whether it be a poem contest, art contest or a totally cool new event! The pack also holds games and even treasure hunts! There are so many exciting things in this pack, and many new things to come!

Pack News and Announcements
You can find more news and information by going to this link: http://the-ethereal-pack.forumotion.com/f13-news-and-announcements

We now have five members! [characters in the pack]
ChikkenSmoothie Page created -visit here for more info-http://the-ethereal-pack.forumotion.com/t56-chikkensmoothie-page#69
New updates to the Website are being/have been made
1st Pack Member
Ethereal Pack has been CREATED


Helpful information
Below are some links to the site in which can help you in creating your character, role-playing, doing quests and journeys and even give you a better idea of the Elements.

Character and Role-play help: http://the-ethereal-pack.forumotion.com/t58-character-and-roleplay-help
Information: Laws, Elements, Quests and Journeys and more: http://the-ethereal-pack.forumotion.com/f1-information-and-laws

If this pack has managed to take an interest in you and you wish to join as a full member, there is a forum bellow. If you are applying to be a full member, please make sure you read through the rules. You will also need to write at least one paragraph to show how you role-play.
 If you have enjoyed the pack so far but are not sure if you want to join, you can become a pack friend. By being a pack friend you are able to keep updated with all the latest and fun news' on the thread here!
 There is also another option: If you wish to have your pack and The Ethereal Pack be Affiliates, fill in the forum right ahead. There will be events in the future that allow pack friends and affiliates to come over, role-play and play some fun games!

Joining the Pack Forum:

[b]Wolf Name:[/b]
[b]Desired Rank:[/b]
[b]Activeness (0-10):[/b]
[b]Anything Else:[/b]

Pack Friend Forum

[b]Wolf Name:[/b]
[b]Anything Else:[/b]

Pack Affiliate Forum

[b]Pack Leader/s Username:[/b]
[b]Pack Name:[/b]
[b]Pack Thread Link:[/b]
[b]Anything Else:[/b]


Thank you for reading! We look forward to you becoming a member soon!
If you ever have any questions regarding the pack, please either PM Vertrou (Me) or just leave a post below.

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